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Farewell to Prosperity: Wealth, Identity and Conflict in Postwar America
Forthcoming from the University of Missouri Press, Spring 2014

A study of our national life after 1945 focusing upon the forces that led to the eventual overreach of both the liberal and conservative movements and our current political crisis

Power at Sea

An unprecedented and prize-winning narrative assessment of modern sea power, how it emerged from the Age of Fighting Sail, how it was employed in war and peace, and how it has shaped the life of the human community over the past century and a quarter.

Explorer: The Life of Richard Byrd

Richard Byrd and his spectacular aviation and exploration expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic dominated the American consciousness during the tumultuous years between the two world wars. His soul-shattering ordeal alone on the Antarctic ice shelf and spectacular rescue was the climax of a life of unending adventure.